Monday, 23 January 2012

So here we are..

My first ever blog post. Admittedly out of pure Uni work procrastination, this is what I will call a 'happy accident'. I somehow managed to find myself on Blogger whilst supposedly doing dissertation work... But with the intention of starting one up for over a year now, I'm pretty glad I turned to this, rather than my usual Asos/Ebay procrastination induced splurging.

A Fashion student physically in Cardiff, mentally in London, I'll use this platform to discuss the twists and turns of every day life. The highs and lows of working towards a job worth getting up for, that never dampens my unrivalled passion and fuels my thirst for more.

My life and where I hope to be pretty much fulfils me every day. And as they say, to love what you do, that is the ultimate goal. So here we are.

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