Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Russian Standard

So I finally got to meet with Michelle Duguid, former Editor of Russian Vogue. She's now a freelance contributor, still working with the likes of Russian Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and France's Stiletto Magazine.

The whole point of the meeting was to discuss my Final Major Project that I'm currently working on... A fashion magazine targeting Fashion Students and recent graduates.

With fashion becoming... well... fashionable, the number of students is rising, and I for one know what a struggle it is to find answers to the many questions that we find ourselves asking. How to get an internship, how to behave in one, and how to make the best of it whilst you're there. Where are they advertised? And when our CV's are dripping with excellent references, packed with hands on experience and 'hire him/her at once' recommendations we will hopefully find ourselves in the position to apply for actual jobs... yes, ACTUAL payed jobs. So the next question is; Where they heck are they advertised?

..These are just the tip of the iceberg of questions I want to answer through the medium of this magazine. As well as an artistic expression of fashion, art, and the world in which we surround ourselves, I envision it to be the first port of call, a meeting of minds, and a way of making this path we have chosen a little smoother. Connecting the people who work successfully within the industry to those banging on the iron clad door. Within these pages.. we will hold the key.

Anyway, enough about that. There will be more of that to come.

The main reason for this post is just to share the little snippets of interesting information I managed to extract from Michelle in-between 'shoot brainstorming, editorial discussions and page layouts.
I could not find a recent picture of michelle for love nor money! ..But it's always nice to put a face to a name. (She is now minus a fringe, and sporting a cute mousey brown bob)

Fact No.1 - Despite being the former Editor of Russian Vogue Michelle does not speak Russian!!

Fact No.2 - Throughout her time as Editor of the magazine, Michelle lived and worked in London.

Fact No.3 - She is Welsh! (And in my completely biased opinion.. the best people always are. Two words: Grace Coddington. )

Fact No.4 - Turkish Vogue also has an office in London!

Fact No.5 - She had never heard of BOF (!!) (http://www.businessoffashion.com/), and was so grateful for me pointing her in the direction of Imran Amed.

Fact No.6 - PR's don't like to send clothing to Russia because of import/export difficulties, so it's easier for them to construct photo shoots in London, and then send them over email to Russia (hence why Michelle is able to reside in London).

Fact No.7 - Michelle is not a fashion graduate, but a former History of Art student. With a distinct lack of variety of fashion degrees when she was at Uni, Michelle had to learn her craft after graduating, where she landed a job at Bride & Groom magazine, a time at Jigsaw, working her way to Vogue UK, then eventually Editor of Russian Vogue.

There is so much more I would love to share with you, but as there will be a feature on her in the new magazine, I don't want to give too much away :-)

Such a lovely, influential woman. An expert in her craft, and generous with her time and well informed knowledge and opinion. An hour of my day well spent indeed..

Lucy xx

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  1. Oooh sounds like the magazine you're working on will be fab! Really insightful :)